Australia Journal

Visiting Dani at Wollongong
8/8/91 - 8/14/91


8/8 (Thu) - Arrive

Flew into Sydney. Took a bus to Wollongong and then had a windy walk to the mall. After taking cab to uni., I waited by the lake till 3:30. Saw Dani and surprised her. We walked to back Weerona, met some dormmates, went to pizza hut at mall, went to bed at 10:30.

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8/9 (Fri) - Sydney

Took 11 AM double-decker train to Sydney. It was a beautiful sunny day and went to the typical tourist sites: Victoria Mall, Sydney Tower, Opera House, Circular Quay and Manley Beach. After Manley Beach, it was getting dark and we took ferry back to the Quay. Had a great view of the city from the boat. Back at Circular Quay took monorail to Darling Harbour where we had kebabs and I had my first ever Victoria Bitter beer.

After dinner, walked across town to Kings Cross district. Got another beer and had a look around: tattoo shops, street shows, etc. Walked way back to Central to catch the 11:00 train. On the way back to dorm stopped at Osmanli's Kebabs.

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8/10 (Sat) - Sydney

Ate Osmali-Kebab for beakfast and took train again to Sydney. Took long walk down Oxford street to the Paddington Market. Got 'hair weaves' in some park and at 5 PM walked back toward main part of town. Australia-NZ rugby match was over and we stopped in a bar for a VB and some video poker. Ate at Hard Rock cafe and 8 PM, walked through Kings Cross again. Took 8 PM train back to Wollongong.

At night in Wollongong went to Post Office tavern. Dani's friends were there. We played poker, danced (a little) and walked back through mall. Stopped for kebabs and got back to Weerona at 2 AM.

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8/11 (Sun) - Beach

A 10 AM we walked to town and ate kebabs for breakfast. Went to the beach and walked on the rocks and around the lighthouse. Walked to North Beach and picked up some shells and back to town on the road. Past Splashes and past cannons.

It was getting dark and we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Got to dorms at 7 PM and played piano in the community room. At 8 PM Stacy, Dani and myself went to the 'barfly' bar. We didn't like the band so left soon, bought a 6 of VB and hung out at the dorm.

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8/12 (Mon) - Sydney

Another day trip to Sydney. Went to Australian Museum for an hour then to nearby Kings Cross. Ate at McDonalds and took train to Circular Quay. Walked through The Rocks. Drank a VB at cool little bar there. Walked up on the Sydney Harbor bridge and went up pylon to exhibit on the history of the bridge.

Walked to nearby Darling Harbor at sunset. Got 2 kebabs and 2 VBs, ate outside and hung out there for awhile. Took monorail 1/2 way around and went up Sydney Tower again where the city looked cool at night. We left the tower at 9:30 PM, had a beer in the railway station bar and got home to Wollongong at midnight.

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8/13 (Tue) - Kiera

Went to Osmanli's at 10 AM and ate kebab breakfast on bench. Another sunny day. Bought some postcards and walked around mall area. Caught a bus (supposedly) to Mt. Kiera but we took it right back to where we started. Tried again on another bus and made it to base of mountain. Stopped at little store for water & food and started hiking. Awesome views on the hike. Got to the top around 4 PM after about 2 hrs.

Walked down and walked straight to Pizza Hut where it was 'all-you-can-eat' night. After dinner got some ice-cream. Back at the dorm, I found $40 extra dollars I forgot about, which was a nice surprise. At night, went to a club called the Collegiate. Gambled $20 on different machines. Other Americans from I-house were there. Later on, back at dorms, played piano and Australians sang along.

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8/14 (Wed) - Leave

Got up at 7 AM, then took 8:20 train w/ Dani. Took bus to airport from Central Station. Flight was delayed till 3:15. We hung out at the arrival cafe outside, played some games and said goodbye at 2:15. Went through customs and on plane and home.

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