Ray and Etta Rieman

My grandparents from Union City, New Jersey

Manasquan 1928

Honeymoon 1932

Office in Jersey City

High School
:  Ray and Etta knew each other at Emerson H.S. in Union City where they both played sports. Etta was on the tennis team in high school and Ray played basketball & baseball (shortstop).  He also refereed basketball.

Dental School:  Ray graduated from NYU dental school in 1923 and opened office in 1925.  Etta worked there from 1925 - 1932 as an assistant.

Dating: movies, dances, NY shows, Jersey Shore. 

Wedding: Ray proposed when he was 30, Etta 26 in Manasquan.  Wedding was on June 9, 1932.

Honeymoon: 3 weeks on the cruise ship Orizaba. Sailed from NYC.   The Captain and his family were Ray's patients.  Ate with captain on the ship. Stopped in Cuba where they threw pennies to kids from the boat.  Then went to Mexico where they landed at Orizaba & climbed Orizaba mountain. Finally went to Mexico City where they stayed at the American Hotel, saw Aztec ruins and old churches.

Home: Lived for 2 years in apartment on Kennedy Blvd. Ray had property on Hudson River in Weehawken but couldn't build because of government regulations during WWII.  In 1942 moved to house on Kennedy Blvd and lived there till 1987.

Work: Ray worked in private practice until 1964. Also worked in Longshoremen's clinic in Hoboken & in Union City schools.  Ray was on board of NJ Dental Board of Examiners in the(1960) 's.

Children:  Ray, Mary Lou and Janet


Raymond Rieman

Born: Union City
Oct 14, 1901


Henrietta Kinon

Born: Hoboken, NJ
Oct 13, 1905

Rieman siblings:
Marge - never married
Florence - never married
Frank  - oldest, doctor
Clarence - owned funeral home
Carl - killed in WWI, France
Norbert - died of flu - 1918
Aloysuius - doctor, 5 children
Martin - worked in gov. printing office
Vincent - lawyer in Union City

Kinon siblings:
Louis - Lincoln Tunnel patrolman.
Victor - Pharmacy
Lillian - married Al Dorn., no children
Bertha - dental assistant to Dr. Rieman.