Louis Kinon

Louis Kinon immigrated from Germany in 1889 to Hoboken, NJ. One of his daughters (Henrietta Kinon-Rieman) is my grandmother. These pages tell his story.

1. Louis Kinon

Louis Kinon immigrated from Aachen, Germany in 1889 at the age of 17.

After coming to America, Louis sold his share of the family glass factory in Germany to his two brothers (Ferdinand and Victor).

This picture of Louis on the left was taken in December 1895 when he was 23 years old. It was sent by Louis from Baltimore, Maryland to his wife Mary Donovan-Kinon in New Jersey.

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2. Kinon Glass Company

The Kinon Glass Company was founded in 1871 by Nikolaus Kinon (Louis' father) in Aachen, Germany as a glass and a mirror factory. By 1904 the company employed over 400 people.
Nikolaus Kinon was originally from the town of Malmedy. At the time Malmedy was part of Germany, but today is in the German speaking part of Belgium.

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3. Advertisement

This is an advertisement for Kinon Glass from the early 1900s.
The top line reads 'Glass and Mirror Manufacturer'.

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4. Kinon Family Tree

Descendants of Nikolaus Kinon and his wife Henriette Willems-Kinon.
Nikolaus and Henriette had 9 children, although only the 4 pictured here survived to adulthood.
Louis' birth name was Ludwig, but he changed it to Louis after coming to the United States.
Louis' daughter Henrietta is my grandmother.

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5. Pharmacy school

In the United States, Louis went to pharmacy school and later opened a pharmacy on 10th & Garden in Hoboken, NJ.

This picture is of Louis working behind the counter in the pharmacy.

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6. Louis' Children

Louis and Mary's children.

Left photo: Lillian and Louis Jr circa 1903 in Hoboken, NJ.

Right photo: Lillian, Louis Jr and Victor circa 1908. In the summers, the whole family would make day trips by boat to the beaches of Keansburg, NJ and Coney Island, NY.

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7. Holland America Line

Louis made a trip back to Germany in 1911. This postcard was sent by Louis to his family on May 24, 1911.

It reads: My darling wife and children. A few more hugs and kisses from Pops. Am sending you this from Sandy Hook. Yours lovingly, Louis.

The picture on the postcard is of the T.S.S. Rotterdam of the Holland America Line. At the time, the Holland America Line was the most important passenger company between Europe and the Americas.

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8. Kinon family picture

This picture of Louis' wife Mary and their children was taken in 1911 while Louis was in Germany. The family sent it to him while he was there.

Left to right: Victor, Mary (mother), Henrietta, Louis Jr., Lillian

Not pictured: Bertha (born in 1914)

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9. Visiting Germany

These pictures were taken on Louis' 1911 trip back to Germany.
The picture on the left is a family photo. Louis is in the bottom row, fourth from the left.
The picture on the right is a trip to Baden-Baden that Louis took with his brother Ferdinand, sister-in-law Helene, and niece Leonie. Louis is standing on the left. Ferdinand, Helene and Leonie are in the car.

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10. Louis' Mother

This picture was also taken on Louis' 1911 trip to Germany. Louis is standing in the center. His mother, seated on the left, is Henriette Kinon (nee Willems). She was born in 1843 in the town of Burtscheid (near Aachen, Germany).

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11. Walter's Rowing Team

This postcard was sent to Louis from his nephew Walter in Germany. It was sent a few months after Louis returned to the United States.

Translated from German it reads:

'Godesberg - October 1st, 1911.

I am sending to you a picture of some of the members of our rowing team. I have been back 2 weeks already. The political situation in Europe is quite good at the moment.

With best regards and kisses. Your nephew Walter.
Please send my warmest regards to my aunt and cousins.'

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12. Greetings from Venice

This postcard was sent to Louis from his brother Ferdinand in 1912. Ferdinand is second from the left in the picture. The photo was taken in St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy. It reads in German:

'As you can see, we have moved on again a little and for the last few days have been in beautiful Venice, from where we send greetings to you and your family.
Helene, Leonie, Ferdinand.'

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13. Peace in the new year

This postcard was sent to Louis from his sister-in-law Christine and his brother Victor. Victor and Christine lived in Aachen, Germany. Louis, his wife and children were living on High Street in West Hoboken, NJ. Translated from German the postcard reads:

'Dec 30 1915. Our best wishes for the New Year. Let us hope that the new year will bring peace and therefore the return of the two boys who enlisted voluntarily. Ferdy is in France, Walter went to Frankfurt. Both with balloon defensive cannons. Field and Foot artillery! Everyone else is OK, somewhat lonely because of the war and everything is quiet. Hans and Alice also send you their best wishes for the first of January. Christine and Victor.'

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14. Pharmacy in Hoboken

This picture is of Louis' pharmacy in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The picture on the bottom is of Louis' business card.

Louis sold the pharmacy around 1914 and began working as a pharmacist in the Jersey City Medical Center.

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15. Kinon children

Louis and Mary Kinon raised 5 children in Union City, New Jersey. From left to right in the photo:

Lillian (1897-1962). Married but didn't have any children. She worked in the mayor's office in Union City, NJ.
Louis Jr. (1899-1977). Was a Lincoln Tunnel police officer. He had three children: Doris, Louis III and Leonie.
Victor (1905-1958). Became a pharmacist like his father. He had three children: Barbara, Helen and Victor Jr.
Henrietta (1905-2003). Worked as a dental assistant. Raised 3 children in North Bergen, NJ: Raymond, Mary Lou and Janet.
Bertha (1914-1997). Was a dental assistant and also a teacher's aide in Union City, NJ. Never married.

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16. Kinon daughters

Louis, Mary and their 3 daughters in 1934.

At the time Louis and Mary were living at 815 15th Street in Union City, NJ

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17. Louis Kinon Obituary

Louis passed away on July 28, 1939 in Union City, New Jersey.

The article on the left is from the Hudson Dispatch. The picture of the grave marker was taken in 2008 at Fairview Cemetery in North Bergen, NJ.


Louis M. Kinon, 66; Chief Pharmacist

Funeral to be held Monday from Union City Home

Louis M. Kinon, 66, of 815 15th st., Union City, died at 1:30 o'clock yesterday morning at his home of a heart ailment. Kinon was chief pharmacist at Jersey City Medical Center for the past 20 years.

He was the father of Lincoln Tunnel Patrolman Louis Kinon and of Mrs. Henrietta Rieman, wife of Dr. Raymond Rieman, Union City dentist. Another son, Victor, was his assistant in the hospital's pharmaceutical department.

Also surviving are his wife, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Kinon (nee Donovan); two daughters, Misses Lillian and Bertha Kinon, the latter Dr. Rieman's office nurse; seven grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter.

Patrolman Kinon is known as a champion sharpshooter, having broken several records.

Born in Germany, the elder Kinon came to this country 50 years ago and lived all that time in North Hudson. He lived for 25 years at the 15th St. address.

The funeral will be held Monday morning from the home. Interment will be in Fairview Cemetery. Arrangements are in charge of C.J. Rieman, Union City.

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18. Mary Donovan-Kinon Funeral

The picture on the left is Mary Donovan-Kinon (Louis' wife) in the backyard of their Union City, NJ home.
Mary passed away on August 3, 1973.

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19. Kinon Factory Today

These pictures were taken in 1994 at the Kinon factory in Aachen, Germany.
The Kinon family sold the company in 1955 and today the Kinon Glass Company belongs to the VEGLA combined glass company, which produces many different kinds of specialized glass.
Factory address: Juliche Strasse 495, Aachen, Germany

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20. Timeline

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