Niemann Quotes 1

The Niemann quotes: Danielle talks in her sleep...a lot. Often I am fortunate enough to wake up and hear her speak. Sometimes it's sage advice, other times philosophical musings, usually its just incoherent ramblings. I present to you some of my favorite quotes.
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D: Here comes an animal.
M: What kind of animal?
D: A busy cookie animal.
M: What do they do?
D: Eat other pretend animals.

D: Don't let them be exposed to the light.
M: What?
D: Any other books you might be reading. They will be ruined.
M: how?
D: Newspaper scratch-offs.

D: (looks at clock)
D: Is that the time right now or is it Pennsyvania Dutch time?

D: The Easter Bunny keeps hoppin' on it.
M: On what?
D: My nose.

D: I just checked the test data.
M: And what did it show.
D: Porpoises.

D: Look here's the new candy bar. It tastes like bacon.

D: To all my fans: eat potatoes!