Niemann Quotes 5

The Niemann quotes: Danielle talks in her sleep...a lot. Often I am fortunate enough to wake up and hear her speak. Sometimes it's sage advice, other times philosophical musings, usually its just incoherent ramblings. I present to you some of my favorite quotes.
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D: Yeah, he was arguing with his dad.
M: Who?
D: Eddie Murphy and Eddie Money.

D: Do you have googley glasses on?

D: It's harder.
M: What's harder?
D: Pretending you don't have anything to do with the magazine.
M: What magazine?
D: Pancakes, pancakes.

D: That's Grover's butt!

D: I was thinking about white sofas and white shoes and dancing.
M: What?
D: Yeah, I was standing and dancing

M: You feeling better?
D: Yeah, you know. I think I know what happened. I had a hot spoon in my mouth and I just had to replace it with a cold spoon. You know what I mean?
M: Yeah, and that worked?
D: Yeah, no problem.
M: I've had that happen with a hot spoon before. Hot forks too.
D: Are you making fun of me?

D: Poke, poke, buy me a coke!