Niemann Quotes 4

The Niemann quotes: Danielle talks in her sleep...a lot. Often I am fortunate enough to wake up and hear her speak. Sometimes it's sage advice, other times philosophical musings, usually its just incoherent ramblings. I present to you some of my favorite quotes.
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D: Maybe she'll stay out of your hair if you stay out of hers.
M: Who is she.
D: A Celtic.

D: Why don't you pull up a chair & lie down for awhile

D: Hair. It's short hair.
M: What? Who's hair?
D: The Our Lady of Perpetual Help's hair.
M: What about her hair?
D: You think I'm talking silly? I'm serious.
D: It's all cold and dry. It's probably cause they ship it.

D: Let's just see how the country stands on that issue.
M: What country?
D: Our country.

D: I know it's you and I know it's NJ. You can't fool me. I know my maps.