Niemann Quotes 3

The Niemann quotes: Danielle talks in her sleep...a lot. Often I am fortunate enough to wake up and hear her speak. Sometimes it's sage advice, other times philosophical musings, usually its just incoherent ramblings. I present to you some of my favorite quotes.
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D: Thanks hon.
M: For what?
D: For all the stuff you've done.
M: Like what?
D: Like turning the place orange.

D: (laughs)
D: This is the picture it deserves.
D: An aerial view shot of Georges body.
M: George who?
D: George on Seinfeld

D: Ha Ha. That looked neat.
M: What?
D: The sky.
M: What about the sky.
D: The birds.
M: The birds. What about the birds. What were they saying?
D: Meow.

D: Check you answers!

D: Oh, it's you. I thought they were going to send someone in here to roll em.
M: To roll who?
D: Me.
M: Here I'll roll you.
D: You don't understand why we have to roll our students.

D: Michael J. Fox is going to play a shrimp in his own show.