Niemann Quotes 2

The Niemann quotes: Danielle talks in her sleep...a lot. Often I am fortunate enough to wake up and hear her speak. Sometimes it's sage advice, other times philosophical musings, usually its just incoherent ramblings. I present to you some of my favorite quotes.
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D: (laughs)
M: What?
D: I just glanced at our visitor. He looks like Alfred E. Newman.
M: He does?
D: Yeah. He has a turkey face. He looks like Alfred E. Newman.

D: Girls with the 12 inch pancakes! Welcome to 7th Floor Wolfe!

M: Have you seen turkey face tonight?
D: Turkey face's parents are here, you know.
M: And where is turkey face?
D: I don't know, probably still in the living room.
M: Think they'll eat turkey?
D: (grunt)

D: Cool!
M: What's cool?
D: I don't know, it just felt like the thing to say.

D: When we play a game let's play Snapoo.
M: What?
D: Just ignore me.
M: Why?
D: Because when you came in that's what we were playing.